Grow Your Business through Dynamic Spaces

Create a Truly Unique Retail Experience

Creating a unique and impactful retail environment is essential to your brand’s success in today’s competitive marketplace. From the polished bling of luxury accessory shops to the graphic drama of iconic sporting goods stores, we specialize in turning your diverse and detailed plans into a remarkable retail experience.

As an industry leader in building new prototypes and store designs, David A. Nice Builders understands the vital role each component, such as lighting, flooring and ceilings, plays in creating exciting store concepts. Our team stays up-to-date with changing trends, new materials and unique market niches.

Full-Service Construction

From bare walls to a brand-specific layout and design, David A. Nice Builders has decades of experience transforming empty spaces into a one-of-a-kind shopping vision. Working hand-in-hand with an architect and local building officials, our team has earned the respect of some of the biggest retailers in the country.

Over the years, we’ve transformed dozens of retail spaces into the distinctive and impressive shopping experiences that we’re proud to share here.

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High-Quality Fixturing & Millwork

For many clients, one of the biggest challenges is the creative use of space for merchandising. Our extensive, in-house millwork department can combine numerous materials and designs to create some of the most functional and beautiful display fixtures found in upscale stores nationwide.

Whether your plans call for display tables crafted from real trees, cascading rock waterfalls or another striking detail, David A. Nice Builders has the experience and resources to create any custom retail design.

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