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Enjoy the best-of-both-worlds construction experience from our unique combination of hands-on, reliable local and large-scale national capabilities. We offer complete store construction, from small custom fixtures and millwork—our expertise runs the gamut of blueprints to materials to hand-rubbed finishes. The personal pride we instill in each project has built the confidence that only comes with steadfast consistency and performance.


Create a dynamic and unique retail experience.

Creating a unique and impactful retail environment is essential to your brand’s success in today’s competitive marketplace. We specialize in turning your diverse and detailed plans into a remarkable retail experience, from the polished bling of luxury accessory shops to the graphic drama of iconic sporting goods stores.

As an industry leader in building new prototypes and store designs, David Nice Builders understands the vital role each component, such as lighting, flooring, and ceilings, plays in creating exciting store concepts. Our team also stays up-to-date with changing trends, new materials, and unique market niches.

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Choose Turn-Key Commercial

You have a vision—and a goal—for your commercial space. The vision is the concept, the idea, the design. The goal is the functionality, the details, and the plan. At David Nice Builders, we specialize in bringing your vision and goal together to seamlessly construct a dynamically designed and functionally optimized building.

Over the years, our commercial construction projects have run the entire spectrum of building options. We’ve built everything from ethereal church sanctuaries and acoustic music theaters to functional horse stables and practical government barracks.

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Latest Tools and Technology.

Our full-service site development division implements the latest in GPS technology with accuracy that can be achieved to within a tenth of an inch throughout the project. Our commitment to staying up-­to-­date with the latest construction techniques, materials, and machinery means you are guaranteed the best possible work.

Save Time and Money
Minimize cost and improve efficiency with our site development services. Our ability to integrate the construction process with the client and engineer from start to finish will save you time, money, and lots of hassle.

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Turn Your Retail Display Idea into Reality.

Beauty and function can come in all shapes and sizes. If you can think of it, we can make it. Nicewood Enterprises, Inc., the fixture sister corporation of David Nice Builders, specializes in turning your display idea into a reality. There is a seemingly limitless opportunity to create the display of your dreams, from dazzling stainless steel, chrome, or brass fixtures to rich mahogany, ash, or cherry shelving to modern pine, glass, or laminate display cases. You’ll be genuinely amazed when your finished product is done precisely to your specifications within a millimeter of your design intent.

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High End Residential

We built DNB’s foundation on high-end, custom residential construction, employing some of the finest craftsmen and -women in the industry and partnering with top-tier subcontractors to bring your vision to life. At our very core, we’re passionate about the art of craftsmanship. That’s because a home is not just a building where people live. To us, a home is an abundant blessing for families. It’s where almost everything that matters in life happens. That’s why we specialize in the complexities of making each living space unique. Our team works tirelessly with design and project partners to ensure that we exceed your expectations on every level because your family truly matters to us.

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”Everyone has been phenomenal to work with so far. From Jay making connections for me on my home repair/renovation projects, to Leah calling regularly with updates to receiving regular dron footage! You all are so responsive and quick to problem solve in a moment’s notice. I can’t thank you enough for all you are doing for us.”

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